Here are some great training tips and free advice, along with some links to other friendly dog services on the island.

The Alpha rule
Letting your dog know who is the Boss!

Mind Games
Understanding what is going on inside your dog’s head!

Crate training
Protecting your dog. Not punishing your dog!

Bendinat's local vet. A great friendly service.

Dog care
Animal SOS! The dog pound of Calvia is extremely underthanked for the work they carry out day after day.

If you are looking for a dog then please think about visiting one of Mallorca's wonderful dog pounds. So many dogs are left abandoned on the island, partly due to us expats heading off home after a couple of years in the sun. So if you are looking for a pet. It is a great place to start with normally a wide variety of lovely animals to choose from all looking for a warm, welcoming home.




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